NAWI-MQP is your partner and expert for grinding technology and processes.

NAWI-MQP is specialized in customer service with spare parts delivery for grinding machines. Thanks to our large experience for more than 20 years in grinding technology we offer our services for technology consulting as well. Our target ist to achieve for each of our customers a fast and regular production without unexpected machine stops due to missing maintenance jobs. This will bring high efficiency and lon glife time of your machine tools is your production />
The company has benn founded by Jörg Wiedemann, actually CEO. In the mid-90s, I began learning about grinding technology from scratch with one of the leading machine tool manufacturers in the field.

Over the years, my tasks included both the organization and execution of machining tests on the broadest variety of customers‘ workpieces and materials (e.g. hard and soft steel, stainless steel, carbide, aluminum, bronze, ceramics) as well as the startup of engine and transmission shafts, chucks, tool holders, stamps (punches), machine spindles etc.

New machining methods, e.g. hard turning and high speed grinding with CBN technology with the associated comparison of technology, were also carried out and evaluated. My later work for a leading global manufacturer of machining centers and EDM machines broadened my professional horizon even more. Thanks to this experience, as well as contacts with numerous top-notch specialized and medium-sized companies, we’re able to quickly assist you in manufacturing your workpieces.

Our corporate philosophy places reliability and on-time delivery right at the very top. To our mind, quality without compromise is an unwaivering fundmental prerequisite

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